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15 Stunning Aruba Photo Spots

Discover Aruba's Photogenic Landscapes

Aruba's diverse terrain offers photographers a palette of scenes, from the rugged east coast to the tranquil beaches of the west and south. Capture the essence of the desert with its cacti or the iconic divi divi trees shaped by the trade winds. Aruba's top attractions, including Oranjestad's Dutch-colonial architecture and the shimmering Natural Pool, are also photogenic wonders.

1. Eagle Beach

Divi divi tree on Eagle Beach

At Eagle Beach, the divi divi trees are a signature sight, perfect for framing against the white sands and jade sea.

2. Oranjestad

Colorful Dutch buildings in Oranjestad

Oranjestad's colorful Dutch-style buildings are a vibrant subject against the Caribbean sky.

3. Pink Flamingo Island

Flamingos on Flamingo Beach

Flamingo Beach on the Renaissance Hotel's private island offers a unique opportunity to photograph flamingos in a Caribbean setting.

4. Casibari Rock Formation

Casibari Rock Formation

The Casibari Rock Formation's smooth, golden rocks are striking against the blue sky, especially from a higher vantage point.

5. Alto Vista Chapel

Alto Vista Chapel at sunset

Capture the Alto Vista Chapel during the golden hour for a serene and glowing photograph.

6. Malmok Beach

Jolly Pirates cruise off Malmok Beach

Malmok Beach is ideal for snapping shots of the Jolly Pirates cruise and exploring underwater wonders like the Baboo shipwreck.

7. California Lighthouse

California Lighthouse at sunset

The California Lighthouse is particularly dramatic at sunset, silhouetted against a colorful sky.

8. Snorkeling Sites

School of yellow-striped porkfish in Aruba

Underwater photography reveals the vibrant marine life and colorful fish of Aruba's snorkeling sites.

9. Arikok National Park

Cactus in Arikok National Park

Arikok National Park's desert landscapes and rugged coastlines offer a wilder side of Aruba to photograph.

10. Druif Beach

Tropical sunset at Druif Beach

Druif Beach's sunsets create a stunning backdrop with silhouetted palms and colorful skies.

11. Aruba Aloes

Aloes in Aruba

Photograph the patterns of aloe plants at the Aruba Aloe farm and learn about their health benefits.

12. One Happy Island Sign

Aruba Tourism sign

The colorful "One Happy Island" sign is a cheerful and iconic photo spot reflecting Aruba's vibrant atmosphere.

13. Natural Pool

Natural Pool

The Natural Pool, encased by rugged rocks, is a popular and photogenic attraction within Arikok National Park.

14. Manchebo Beach

Palms on Manchebo Beach

Manchebo Beach offers a tranquil setting for classic beach photography, with coconut palms and turquoise waters.

15. Guadirikiri Cave

Guadirikiri Cave

Guadirikiri Cave's natural light beams create a mystical atmosphere, perfect for capturing unique cave photography.